Payday loans 500 euros: offers with postal loans

Mini loans are definitely an immediate and simple solution that helps us deal with sudden expenses. These are small amounts that can also serve as a basis for starting small personal projects or making purchases. Not all financial institutions, however, grant mini loans with sums that are below 1000 euros.

What if you really need a small sum, for example 500 euros? Are there any financial or credit institutions that grant such mini loans? If the answer is positive, who should you turn to for a € 500 mini loan? Let’s analyze the various opportunities available to you.

Mini loans from 500 euros

When we talk about mini loans, we usually refer to loans that have the object of fairly small sums that usually go upwards of 1000 euros. Some credit institutions, however, offer the possibility to also request mini loans with sums that are far below the 1000 Euro. These are small amounts that can be useful in various situations; for example, if you are faced with sudden expenses, if you need to make urgent purchases or need a small amount to start a project, the mini loans could solve your situation.

Moreover, since these are loans characterized by “mini sums”, they are also simpler to request and provide for much slimmier and not excessively long bureaucratic procedures. So, by asking for a mini loan, you will be able to get the sum you need in no time.

The mini loans are also easier to obtain, often you can request them even without presenting a paycheck ; In fact, by presenting a document that certifies your source of income, you will be able to obtain the loan without difficulty.

As we have already anticipated, however, there are not many financial institutions that grant such small amounts. But do not despair, there are still various options that you can consider to get a mini loan of 500 euros.

Mini loan Fostal Bank

One of the first options to consider is definitely the possibility of obtaining a mini loan at Postal service Italy. Postal service Italy offers its customers the possibility of requesting small sums. One of the options you could do for you is the Special Cash Post Pay mini loan. This mini loan will recharge your Post Pay or Post Pay Evolution card with a sum ranging from a minimum of € 750 to a maximum of € 1500.

It is true that the minimum amount that can be requested is € 750, but it is still a very advantageous option that you could consider. The Special Cash Post Pay loan is a simple loan to be requested and very easy to repay ; in fact both the credit of the requested amount and the payment of the repayment installments can be done simply by using your Post Pay card. In addition, the reimbursement will take place through the payment of convenient monthly fixed installments which, according to the loan amount, will be at 15, 20 or 24 months.

The Special Cash Post Pay mini loan is very flexible and will allow you to get the amount you have requested in the application within a short time. It is therefore an excellent mini financing option that is very advantageous and practical.

Other financing options


But, besides the Postal service Italy’s mini loan, are there other financing options that will allow you to request a sum of € 500? Well, we can answer affirmatively. There are other financial institutions that offer you the opportunity to apply for mini loans. Let’s see together what are the options available to you:

  • Mini credit Compass

Compass mini credit is a mini loan offered by Compass. This is a financing solution that allows you to request a sum ranging from a minimum of € 500 up to a maximum of € 1500. Even in this case, since it is a mini loan, the process to present the application and then obtain the approval of the loan is much slimmer. The sum that you will receive on loan will be a real reserve that you will have available after making the loan request and obviously after approval of the request.

  • Ultranix

Ultranix is a form of financing that will allow you to request a sum as a personal loan. You can request a sum ranging from a minimum of € 500 to a maximum of € 30,000. In this case you will have the possibility to apply for an online loan, by submitting an application directly on the site. All information on the loan, the sum and the repayment method will be provided on the website.

  • Mini Fostal Bank online loans

The Fostal Bank mini loan is a loan that can be requested online or in the post office. This loan is however suitable for those who want to get a slightly higher sum; in fact you can borrow a sum ranging from a minimum of € 1000 to a maximum of € 3000. The sum will be repayable in 22 monthly fixed installments. The loan is offered only to Post Pay Evolution card holders.


In our article we examined what are the options available to those who want to request a mini loan that allows him to get a sum of € 500. A mini loan is an ideal financial solution for those who need a small amount to be able to use to cope with different situations or needs. In addition, mini loans are usually simpler to both request and obtain and have fairly simple repayment terms. We have therefore examined the various options that you could consider to obtain such a sum.

The first option to take into consideration is the Special Cash Post Pay, a mini loan offered by Postal service Italy and dedicated to Post Pay or Post Pay Evolution card holders. This mini loan will allow you to request a sum ranging from 750 euros to 1500 euros. Alternatively, if you are a Post Pay Evolution card holder, you could request a Fostal Bank mini loan, obtaining a sum that goes from 1000 to 3000 Euros.

Alternatively, you may decide to rely on the Compass Mini Loan or Ultranix. Both these mini-financing options allow you to get 500 euros to be allocated to your projects.

The options available to you to get a mini loan are various, it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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